(NOTE: ALL members featured in the image above received negative COVID-19 test results within 24 hours of when the photo was taken.)

The Shuuko Kyudojo is proud to facilitate ongoing practice as of Feb. 2021 at Hampshire College.

Local college students are monitored closely within the health systems instituted by the 5 colleges – outside community members and non-college students are asked to provide replicable negative test results within 72 hours of a given practice for approval to participate.

UMASS currently provided free COVID testing at a health program located on their campus.  See information here.

Commuting members’ dues rates are adjusted to accommodate recent hardship and reduced frequencies in attendance due to the reality of our current situation.

We are currently practicing indoors in the larger gym facility of Hampshire’s Robert Crown Center.  Even among members with known negative test results, social distancing is still strictly enforced.  Please, bring your own equipment where possible.  Dojo equipment is available for loaning per usual but on a strict basis.  Please contact the instructor to inform of your needs in advance.

All the equipment is sanitized after each practice.

To stay up-to-date and informed on our operations as they develop, please join our Discord Community.  This is the preferred resource and messaging system of the Shuuko Kyudojo during these “eventful” times.

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns via the communication methods available here on the Shuuko website.  NOTE, Please allow for longer response times in these instances.

We look forward to safely hosting you this season for an enduring practice.

With care, heart, and support,
Yours in budō,
Samuel Kanner, Head Instructor
Shuuko Kyudojo
Hampshire College – Amherst, MA