Upcoming Events in 2020

The Shuuko Kyudojo hosts and participates in seasonal programs occurring at all times of the year.  See the listings below for basic information and direction to contacts about upcoming events at other dojo locations or see our dedicated program tab above for Shuuko Programs being held in Amherst, MA [when offered].  Program appearance and frequency may vary.

All equipment and supplies for beginning students are provided – no purchases of equipment to participate are necessary. Please wear suitable clothing that allows for full freedom of movement.  We suggest bringing top and bottom layers for programs with outdoor practice facilities and for programs held during colder parts of the year.   For those already owning them, personal uniforms (keikogi, hakama, and obi) are recommended.  Please see the given program director if uniforms are available for purchase.

Direct access to Shuuko Kyudojo Program forms:

NOTE: Participants of Shuuko Kyudojo programs who have already filled out these forms with us for any previous Shuuko program are not required to fill them out multiple times.

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- Upcoming Kyudo Events in 2020 -


1) January 11th & 12th, 2020
Byakko Kyudojo Winter MIT Program
MIT - Cambridge, MA

Information and Registration at: http://byakkoiba.com/2020mit-program/

 Download flyer- MIT 2020



2) Date: TBA
Shuuko Kyudojo Spring 2020 Program
Hampshire College

Contact info@shuuko.org

3) Date: April 30th - May 3rd, 2020
Toko Kyudojo 22nd Annual Intensive w/Don Symanski
Garrison Institute
"Details forthcoming"!